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Training First and Foremost

Pergemine SpA has launched at his premises an internationally accredited Well Control Training and Certification centre for the staff. The objective of the course is to train on activities and measures essential in updating and improving subject matters concerning the training of staff and occupational safety.

aula del centro formazione

The centre was accredited in June 1998 and it is open also to outside workers. These are its main activities:

Use and maintenance methodology in regard to the introduction of technologically advanced equipment and systems in the workplace, with a view to fostering better safety and productivity conditions;

New operating procedures, with a view to guaranteeing the best working conditions from a technical and health and safety perspective;

Training programme aimed at providing the workers with the necessary knowledge to carry out their work in a completely safe manner and high standards of quality.

Other courses focus on subjects and issues related to specific critical aspects of drilling:

Training course providing basic information on activities and equipment pertaining to drill sites;

First aid, carried out in collaboration with the Competent Physician, tailored to the kind of activity performed; the courses are repeated periodically and aimed at the staff responsible for site management and organisation;

Firefighting courses, carried out in collaboration with specialised Companies and with the support of the Fire Service. The courses are oriented to the staff in charge of emergencies, trained and coached to be activated in critical situations that may occur during specific activities.

H2S training courses in collaboration with the Competent Physician and outside consultants, for the staff engaged in emergency response, specifically appointed to handle potentially dangerous situations.

Training course for all staff on the safe use of equipment, tools and daily work activities

Training courses on the risk originating from the chemical products used during work activities.

aula centro formazione
strumenti per formazione tecnica
strumenti per formazione tecnica